A Faithful Servant

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A Faithful Servant
A faithful servant will be rewarded when the LORD comes back (Matt 25:14-30)  
        I.            Introduction: The reward of a faithful servant! (Matt 25:20-23) a.       Servants provided with talents (money) by their Lord b.      One servant receives 5 talents and increased the investment by another 5 talents c.       The second servant received 2 talents and increased the investment by another 2 talents. d.      The third servant received 1 talent and buried his talent e.       The Lord came back and judged the servants – The servants were held accountable for what they did with what their Lord had provided them with f.        Two servants were rewarded for their faithfulness g.       One servant was deemed wicked, lazy and unprofitable h.      Two servants are going to end up in heaven alongside their LORD i.         One servant is going to end up eternally separated from their LORD in the darkness of Hell j.         Which type of servant are you?

                                                               i.      When our LORD Jesus comes back, will you be rewarded?                                                              ii.      What will you have done with all that God has given you?                                                            iii.      Will you hear praise coming from the Master’s mouth?                                                            iv.      Will you be found to be a faithful servant?    

      II.            Message:  (Genesis 22:1-18) a.       A faithful servant is tested (Genesis 22:1-2)                                                                i.      Tests and trials are needed to prove one’s faithfulness                                                              ii.      God placed this test before Abraham so that he could see how real Abraham’s faith really was – Where was his faith?                                                            iii.      God never wanted Isaac to...
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