A Fair Fare System essay

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International Journal of Infinite Innovations in Technology|ISSN:2278-9057 IJIIT|Volume-I|Issue-I|2012-2013 July|Paper-03 Reg. No.:20120607|DOI:V1I1P03

A Fair FARE System
Prof. Arth Koeri
Research Head – LTL (Information Technology)

As we all know that there is cheating & corruption all around. Top to bottom everyone everywhere looks for the place to earn extra money, in better words easy money. Hate to admit this but auto rickshaw meter tampering in India is quite common. The drivers get away with their devious plan because the current meter calculates fare based on the rotations of the wheel of the vehicle. This system can be easily tampered with. Finally the burden comes on the shoulder of the middle class public. And big amount they pay extra as fare. Keywords: Bluetooth communication, automatic metering, industrial automation, microcontroller, embedded system I. INTRODUCTION An auto rickshaw/Taxi is a vehicle for hire, and it is one of the chief modes of transport in India. A large number of people use these vehicles for their daily transportation and every time they pay extra amount as fare because there is no check on the reading of meter available. Hence, it is necessary that we should have something that can cross check the reading of the meter and guide us the right fare amount. This daily problem of the public encouraged us to work in this area and we came up with an idea of FAIR FARE SYSTEM for social benefit of all.

system available which can check weather the calculation shown by the meter is correct or not. If the driver has tempered the meter the fare amount shown will be high but as no crosschecking is done the passengers are forced to pay the extra money. B. Drawbacks of Existing System     Tempering the current system is very easy. Passengers are forced to pay extra. Increases corruption and malpractices in society. Creates burden on the pocket of the public.

C. Proposed System Our proposed system will have a circuit inbuilt in the existing meter and will send the count of wheel rotation on Bluetooth frequency with the help of Bluetooth modem. This data can be received on the mobile of passenger after pairing their mobile with the Bluetooth device of the meter with the help of the meter id printed on the meter. The software in the mobile will calculate the fare amount on the basis of the data received by the meter. Now passenger can cross check the fare amount between mobile reading and the meter reading. If there is difference then one can easily point out that there is tempering in meter. The passenger will pay as per mobile reading only.



A. Existing System The calculation of fare amount is calculated on the basis of no. of wheel rotation of the vehicle. There is no such

International Journal of Infinite Innovations in Technology|ISSN:2278-9057 IJIIT|Volume-I|Issue-I|2012-2013 July|Paper-03 III. THE PROPOSED SYSTEM A. System Overview The above proposed system will be divided into the following sub modules or sections…

The System

Embedded System

Mobile Software

H/W 8051 Based Design

S/W Embedded C

The Main GUI

Serial Comn

SPP Protocol



Power Supply


LCD 16x2

BT Modem

IR Tx-Rx

555 Timer

B. Block Diagram The Block Diagram of the system is given below.

LCD 16x2 Switches for Speed 2.4GHz Pulse Simulation using 555 Or IRTx-Rx In Wheel

Bluetooth Modem


3.3VD C Variable Power Supply

5VDC Power Supply



Reg. No.:20120607|DOI:V1I1P03|Page:2

International Journal of Infinite Innovations in Technology|ISSN:2278-9057 IJIIT|Volume-I|Issue-I|2012-2013 July|Paper-03 C. Explanations of Blocks The following are the brief explanations of the working principle of the various major blocks or sections used in the system…  Power Supply This unit will supply the various voltage requirements of each unit....
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