A Fable for Tomorrow

Topics: Culture, Divorce, Parent Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: December 15, 2010
A Fable for Tomorrow
The moment I read the first paragraph, I immediately was able to picture everything that the author had described in the piece. This story has spiked my curiosity and I would like to read the book to know more on what happens in this story. What the author writes about could actually become a reality some day. But overall, this was a great story and it really made the reader feel as if they were going through the beauty and tragedies. Maman and America

This was a good story to read, but not my kind of story. I can understand how the two divorced parents have two different ideologies on how to raise a child and with which culture to follow. I’m really surprised me that Maman was hateful towards the American culture and thought that Americans were the problem, but she thought that a parent’s divorce and that the woman keeping the respect in society was ok in her book. That’s something that I understand, but to me she sounds like someone who wants her cake and wants to eat it too. You’re not going to get a perfect culture and no culture will ever be close to perfect. You shouldn’t slander other cultures, by doing that you are just creating more hate in this world and that hate is what corrupts societies and culture. Plus, on a side note….they spoke about the mother the whole time and rarely about the father. Chinese Space, American Space

This essay was nicely written and I could picture the detailed descriptions of the homes.  I didn’t enjoy this piece as much as the other stories that we read. Overall, the story was good and had a good flow to it.
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