A Draft Romeo and Juliet Speech

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Love Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Sorry guys but this is not actually complete, so its a tad bit rough.

Romeo and Juliet Speech

By Jordan Kirkaldy

If you watch the news you will see that contemporary teenage audiences of today are motivated by selfishness, lust, immaturity, and violence. These themes have been relevant to teenagers all through time, even that of the innocent and romantic couple in the play Romeo and Juliet. Although the main characters are wholly in love and cannot bear to be apart they are unable to escape that of what they truly are, selfish, rebellious, lustful, violent and false loving teens. The plays central theme of love is one consistently used in books and films aimed at teenagers, but the love that is expressed through the plays main characters is not that of what is accustom. As the play evolves this becomes apparent through Romeo’s manifestation of what he believes is love, but is fact a feeling of lust and impulse as established at the start where Romeo is desperately in love with Rosaline, and yet when Romeo meets Juliet he has a quick change of heart, as to suggest that he is in reality his feelings are indeed that of lust. The theme of rebellion is one commonly linked to that of modern gangs. Through the play there are many acts of rebellion. Romeos great appeal to Juliet is not just due to the fact that Juliet returns it but also a childish sort of rebellion against both their houses. Through the play Romeo and Juliet are presented as being somewhat innocent, but they are in fact quite selfish such as Juliet not telling her parents about Romeo and did the selfish act of faking her death which greatly upset this selfishness is the major factor in what will ultimately end in there tragic demise. This selfishness does not just occur between Romeo and Juliet, this selfishness is something that occurs through the play such as the Capulet’s selfishness for making Juliet marries a man that she did not love. Both of the families were selfish for continuing...
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