A dolls house

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A doll’s house

I think the costumes used in ‘A doll’s house’ were quite symbolic and symbolized the characters various roles in society. When we first see Nora she is wearing a shiny blue dress which shows she is well off which gives the audience the idea that she has a degree of elegance about her. In those times women dressed modestly and this was an example of the types of clothes they were supposed to wear while around the house. They were expected to cook, clean and look after their children while around the house. I think her blue dress is everything Nora wants to be but she is not. Blue represents calm and tranquillity but how she feels inside is very different from the dress and the colour. Inside her heart she feels so insecure and wearing this is her way of hiding behind this and instead she shows her superficial and transient qualities such as her beauty. In some ways Christine is the idealistic Nora. Her clothing is quite dark at the start of the play and simple and through this we establish that she has an aura of maturity whereas Nora goes for the more flashy type of approach. Their costume reflects how they behave. Nora has the mind of a child and shows this through her lavish blue dress and Christine has the mind of an adult so chooses to dress simply to show, in my opinion she does not care about material things. I think they both wear different clothes to show their difference but more importantly the two conflicting sides of Nora. Set/Props

I think the Set was used effectively and is a very interesting aspect of the play; it is in the shape of A dolls house. I think doing this was effective because it mirrored Nora’s predicament and how she was being used as ‘a doll’. Also the set constantly rotates, I think this is done to sum up Nora’s life. She is constantly being controlled by Torvald and is not seen as an equal in Torvald’s eyes. The rotation reflects this cycle and once she breaks free from Torvald the rotation stops. The...
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