A Doll House: His Story Is About Mr. and Mrs. Helmer

Topics: Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Norway Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: February 5, 2002
A Doll House is considered to have revolutionized Drama in its time. Ibsen, with his play, tries to show another part of humanity to his audience. This new style consisted in situations that could and do happen in real life rather than spectacular or crazy plots. A Doll House is a dramatic piece written by Henrik Ibsen. This story is about Mr. and Mrs. Helmer, they are a happy marriage that like any other marriage is supposed to be based on trust and love. But Mrs. Helmer has a secret, she obtained some money in a shady way to save his husbands life, and now she has to pay it back. But her lender, Mr. Krogstad keeps trying to get favors from her threatening her that if she does not help him he was going to tell her husband her secret. At the end the truth is revealed and Mr. Helmer reacts in a very raging way, Nora realizes that she had been in the wrong place for all these years and decides to leave. Probably the most important part about The Doll House is the ending, when Nora realizes that she does not belong with that man and leaves the house. The other ending added later on as a condition to put this play on stage, is a very good example of the idealistic ideas that were around those times in Europe. This ending proposes that Nora will make a sacrifice and stay with her husband because of their children; this ending definitely does not belong to this play. The whole theme of this play is supposed to represent a real life situation and in real life things sometimes don't go well. It is hard to argue whether or not this "happy ending" should have been included in the play; because it is true that in real life things can go wrong but they can also go well, and this new ending would be a good example of story in which at the end everything is fixed in some way. But there is a very big problem with the "happy ending", and that would be that it is not the original. A play is the representation of the actions written by the author....
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