A Doll's House Act 1

Topics: English-language films, Gale Sondergaard, The Climax Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: December 30, 2005
The exposition is setup in Act 1 where the characters are introduced and Nora getting a loan to help with his illness that he is not aware of. The inciting incident is when Torvald talks of becoming the bank president and the raise he will receive has Nora thinking she will be able to pay the loan off early. The rising action starts when Korgstad tries to blackmail Nora to help him keep his job at the bank by saying he would not let her husband know about the loan she had if she would help him to keep his job. When this does not work, Korgstad writes a letter to Torvald to explain to him about Nora's loan. Mrs. Linde tells Nora she should tell her husband about the note before he finds out some other way. Korgstad drops the letter in the mailbox and Nora tries to keep Torvald from reading it. The climax is when Torvald reads the letter, becomes outraged at Nora and tells her how she has ruin his life and reputation and she is just like her father. The maid brings another note addressed to Nora from Krogstad and Torvald reads this and sees that he has dropped the note so she would not have to worry about repaying the rest of it. Torvald ask for Nora's forgiveness but it is too late and she is going to leave him. She told him that he never loved her and after what he said, she did not love him either. She tells him she must find herself and become independent because she had been sheltered all her life by her father and Torvald. She walks out the door and never looks back.
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