A Divine Heart Attack

Topics: San Francisco, Hamburger, French fries Pages: 3 (1366 words) Published: March 31, 2013
A Divine Heart Attack-Zaynab Hararah
As a native San Franciscan, my mission growing up was to find the perfect burger. After sixteen years and three months, mission accomplished. I call it; well actually the founder and owner named it -- Burger Meister. Burger Meister serves as my occasional comfort food. Burger Meister is featured at the newly remodeled Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City, which is about five minutes from San Francisco State University. After this location opened, I realized that three Burger Meister restaurants lie in the Sunset District of San Francisco, five minutes away from my house. Open since 1999, Burger Meister is a local San Francisco Bay Area burger joint with five locations: three in San Francisco, one in Alameda, and one in my favorite spot, Daly City. Paul Mogannam and his family at Burger Meister are proud to serve beef that is not tainted by chemicals and filler. This family owned business uses only the finest quality all natural beef in the Bay area provided by the famous Niman Ranch located in Marin County of Northern California. Just like anything you would find at Trader Joes, the Niman Ranch meat at Burger Meister is purely organic and you can taste it for yourself. As a disclaimer, take note that Westlake is a shopping center; therefore, do not be distracted by all the other restaurants. If you must, check out the sale at DSW Shoes, and then make your way to Burger Meister. Burger Meister is located right in the middle of a nice long strip of stores and restaurants. You can find parking all around the center, for free, considering the fact that nowadays it takes two dollars to feed a thirty minute parking meter. If it is your lucky day, you might just find a parking spot right in front of Meister. The moment you step near Burger Meister, in comes the aroma of garlic fries, juicy burger meat and warm buns. Your nose gets the first tickle, sends a signal to your brain, which immediately visualizes...
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