A Discussion About Organization Chart Features in Eva Air Corporation

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A discussion about organization chart features in EVA AIR Corporation

Here is the Organization Chart about the EVA AIR Corporation. I have worked in the Cargo Operation Department in EVA AIR Corporation for about one year. As we all know, each air corporation has strict articles and rules. They are made for the safety for each flight procedure. The whole company cannot make any mistakes. If it made, there may cause the death of hundreds of lives and the waste of billions of dollars. So one of my supervisor even told me that the working in the air corporation is not only for economic interests but also for conscience. Let me get down to discuss the features of some key elements in the EVA AIR that the managers use to design their organization chart. The Departmentalization is the first element I want to explain. The EVA AIR is an multinational air corporation in the world. It has three types to departmentalize their division and dept. One is the most popular way by functions performed. In most people's view, air corporation make profits by the passenger services. Before I joined the EVA AIR group, I also believed that it was true. However, after I worked in EVA AIR Cargo, I found that air corporation makes its profits mostly from their cargo services. In order to make the maximum profit of each flight, i.e.,let the plane to carry the maximum weight to begin its flight, the cargo division has two Dept to make their more efficiently. One is called business department and another is cargo operation dept. The business department is in charge of connecting with the customers of cargo agency. They bring customers and shipment of commodities to our corporation and negotiate with them to place an shipping space order in each flight. Employees in Business Dept are all good at business negotiations. They use their talent to express what advantage the EVA AIR have and then advise the...
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