A Disappointing Holiday 1

Topics: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Toilet Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: April 28, 2010
A Disappointing Holiday

Have you ever experienced a holiday trip that you yearned for long, which turned out to be a disappointment? Well, I did. I am an employee who had been working continuously like a ticking clock for five years in the hectic world of Singapore.

It was then, I decided to pamper myself for a holiday trip and break away from the air-conditioned office. While I was pondering over which destination I am heading for, I came upon an advertisement on the television, promoting on a holiday trip at Desaru of Malaysia. That advertisement caught my attention and hence, I decided to go ahead for it.

It was the first day of my breakout from those remarkable high-rise buildings. I arrived at my destination at around noon after having a long taxi ride and I headed for the lobby to check in. “Hey Eric! Can’t you see this lady standing right in front of you? Help her get to her room now!” the receptionist flared.

The man came over to reach out for my luggage with his gnarled and knobbly hands unwillingly. He had an unkempt ratty brown hair and a dull, weather-beaten face. He showed me to my room, landing my luggage with a loud thud and stomped off, every footstep echoing like a public announcement. “What an impolite young man!” I thought.

Not willing to dampen my holiday spirit, I urged myself to take a look in my hotel room instead. I opened the door as the hinges squeaked. To my horror, the room was humid and warm, pungent with the smell of urine. The mosaic floor was covered with blackish puddles and shoe-prints. The dark corners underneath tables and behind cabinets were infested with armies of bugs and abominable roaches.

I went to switch on the fan to let in some fresh air but strands of cobwebs threatened to fly off the rusty wall fan which was whirring away furiously. Instead, I reached out to push open the window and was appalled by the sight of my blackened fingers.

I wanted to wash my...
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