A Disappearing Mystery: The Mary Celeste

Topics: Mary Celeste, Benjamin Briggs, Atlantic Ocean Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 8, 2013

A Disappearing Mystery:
The Mary Celeste

Amanda Campbell
History 201
Christopher Shepard
10 October 2013
On the 4th day of December 1872 The Mary Celeste (a British American merchant ship) was sailing straight towards Gibraltar, unknowingly unmanned and abandoned. The mystery of the disappearance of The Mary Celeste’s crew is still undetermined. There are several theories as to what happened to her crew and passengers after The Mary Celeste’s departure. Was it piracy, mutiny, murder, alcohol fumes, or a curse? ... The mystery of The Mary Celeste is True and what you are about to discover is real. The Mary Celeste was captained by Benjamin Spooner Briggs in 1872. Benjamin Spooner Briggs was married to Sarah Elizabeth Briggs; they had two children, Arthur and Sophia. Captain Briggs was a very experienced master mariner and spent much of his life at sea. Briggs seemed to be a family man who worked hard, a strong believer in abstinence, and sincerely religious. The day before Captain Briggs departed he wrote a letter to his mother who was caring for his son Arthur, who he had left behind on this voyage. In his letter he gave no suspicion that led to his disappearance. The Mary Celeste set sail the 5th of November in 1872. Aboard The Mary Celeste were Captain Briggs, a crew of seven seamen, and two passengers; Sarah Briggs and Sophia. The Mary Celeste’s cargo was worth $35,000 there were 1,701 barrels of commercial alcohol. The barrels of alcohol were to be delivered to Genoa Italy. Shortly a month later The Mary Celeste was discovered drifting the waters of the Atlantic Ocean by a fellow ship and its crew, The Dei Gratia. Oliver Deveau, the chief mate of The Dei Gratia boarded The Mary Celeste to find the ship abandoned and a “thoroughly wet mess”. The now knowingly abandoned Mary Celeste mystery investigation begins.

The Mary Celeste and the facts when discovered condition of the ship •Detailed condition
What happened to the...

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