A Different America

Topics: African American, Racism, Ku Klux Klan Pages: 4 (1567 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Hong Shen Chen
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A Different America
Society tends to silence the dark park of the history, and this is no different to what happened in the 50’s, post-Korean War. Many people were guided to believe that post war was a good time due to the phony improvement done by the government - GI Bill and the first integrated army. Moreover, televisions were censored to broadcast happy stories only. Yet, in reality, the power of white supremacy and patriarchy continued to expand to the society despite the Emancipation Proclamation having proclaimed the end of slavery in the United States in 1863. Black people interpreted the new given equality, abolishment of slavery, as they were free and completely free. On the other hand, the dominant white authority believed that “Negroes had gained so much it was virtually impudent and greedy to ask for more so soon” (Mariscal 181). In order to reveal the truth of the history in the 50’s, Toni Morrison creates the novel Home, the counter hegemony of cultural representation, and uses the intentionality of today to challenge the dominant historical narrative formed by white supremacy and patriarchy. In chapter two when Frank escaped from the hospital, Morrison includes many graphic details about the racial violence and poverty. Throughout the scene, it continues to draw readers’ attention to the racial discrimination in various forms. In the meanwhile, Morrison also contests the historical narrative of patriarchy in the scene when Cee decides to run off with Prince. The idea of white supremacy is also constantly brought up, as most black people in the novel are shown ignorant compared to white. Also because the novel was written in the first person narrative, it allows readers to connect closely with the main character, Frank Money, and to have the better understanding of the history in the 50’s. Again through many inhumane and violent pictures presented in her story, it is no doubt to state that...

Cited: Morrison, Toni. Home. New York: First Vintage International Editiion, 2012. Print.
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