A Developmental Approach to Global Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Globalization, Situational leadership theory Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Joana S. P. Story
NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal
Global leadership development has received increased attention in recent years from practitioners and researchers. Drawing from global mindset, constructive development, and intercultural sensitivity literatures, this article proposes a model for developing global leaders. While developmental activities are challenging for most individuals, it is proposed that training domestic leaders to develop psychological capital will facilitate their growth into global leaders. Leadership is extremely important for organizational success in this globalized economy. The majority of leaders deal with the reality of the global economy every day. Despite this fact, most leaders have not been trained, educated, and prepared to deal with the complexity of this environment (Black & Mendenhall, 2007). Also, very little research has looked into what it takes to develop a ―global leader‖ (Smith & Peterson, 2002). The literature on global leadership provides many articles that state traits, characteristics, and attitudes of successful global leaders; but few attempt to lay a foundation on how to actually develop individuals into global leaders (Hall, Zhu, & Yan, 2001). The lack of research in this area is apparent and it mirrors the void of organizations, as 85% of Fortune 500 executives believe that their organization lacks capable global leaders (Gregersen, Morrison, & Black, 1998; Morrison, 2000). With the increasingly global environment, leaders are exposed to many complex challenges and what we know about leadership theory and development may no longer be effective in this global context (Robinson & Harvey, 2008). Sloan, Hazucha, and Van Katwyk (2003) asserted that global leadership development should be part of the strategic plan of any organization that wants to flourish in the global market. The purpose of this paper is to...
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