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A Detailed Lesson Plan In Science And

By maiko-ducena Jun 29, 2015 568 Words
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Science and
Technology 8 for Grade – 8 Saint Lucy
With the aid of picture/illustrations and diagrams, the learners should be able to do the following skills at the end of 60 minute period with 75% level of proficiency. 1. identify the structures and functions of the Digestive System 2. label the parts or organs that involved in the diagram of digestive system 3. realize the importance of the digestive process in our body II – SUBJECT MATTER:

Topic: The Structures and Functions of the Digestive System
Reference: You and the Natural World_The New Science 8, pages 286-290 Materials: pictures/illustration of Human Digestive System / chart visual aid laptop and LCD(optional) Methodology: Experiential Method, Interactive Discussion, Multimedia Presentation Value: Sustainability of Life

A. Initiary Phase / Introduction
1.) Opening Song: The teacher lead and action song on the impact of food that is involved in the digestion TEACHER’S ACTIVITY
Good morning class! How are you today? Did you eat your lunch? Im expecting that everybody has eaten their lunch have you? It seems that everybody is excited. Are you familiar with the “fruit salad song?” Ok, everybody stand we are going to sing that song, Are you ready? Let me sing the song first and you will follow after. “Watermelon, watermelon papaya, papaya, banana, banana, chico, avocado…fruit salad fruit salad.” STUDENT’S ACTIVITY

Good morning ma’am! Were all fine

Yes ma’am

Yes ma’am

Ok, you may take your seat.
2.) Review:
Last meeting we discussed about the bodies need for food and its nutrients. Do you have questions with regards to our previous lesson? before we proceed to our next topic? Very good!
I gave you the assignment last time, did you do the advance reading? We are now in chapter 13 in your book. Wo can share to the class What do you think is our lesson for today? Yes Jeovanni? You’ve got it.

But before we continue, let me ask you “When a teacher is talking here in front, What will you do? Good!
B. Interaction Phase / Exploration / Developmental (Lesson proper) 1.) Activity:
class, I am aiming that at the end of this lesson, You will know how to identify the structures and functions of the digestive system; you can correctly label the parts or organs that involved, and you will be able to realize the importance of the digestive process in our body

I have here a picture of our Digestive System. Who can identify the parts of our digestive system?
In order to survive we must feed by ingesting solid or liquid food matter obtained from other organism such as plants or other STUDENT’S ACTIVITY

No, ma’am

I think our lesson, will be about Digestion in Humans.

We will listen ma’am.

Yes, ma’am.

“Students are identifying”

Who can say something about the Digestive System, Yes Sharmaine? Ok, very good Sharmaine
Alright, this time you are going to perform an activity for you to understand the lesson properly TEACHER’S ACTIVITY
(a. Pre-activity discussion)
The class will be divided into 2 groups. I want you to study the pictures and analyze it by tracing the path of the normal function of our digestive system. Everybody must cooperate. (b. Activity Proper)

“Students are performing the activity
(c. Post-activity discussion)
Presentation of outputs by group (all group leaders are expected to present their outputs)

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