A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 4

Topics: Verb, Grammatical number, Word Pages: 8 (1407 words) Published: May 7, 2013

I. Objectives
1. Use easily confused verbs ( Two – word verbs)
2. Give a heading or title for texts read without title. 3. Writing a paragraph

II. Subject Matter:
1. Use easily confused verbs ( Two – word Verbs)
2. Give a heading or title for texts read without title.
3. Writing a paragraph

A. Materials:
Visual Aids

B. References:
1. BEC 2002 Handbook in English
2. Fun in English Reading
3. Fun in English language

III. Procedure
Teacher’s Activity Pupils’ Activity
* Jane, kindly lead the prayer * In the name of the father, and of the son and the holy spirit. Amen.
* Good morning class! * Good morning Mrs. . Ape, good morning, Classmates! Nice to see you … Mabuhay!

* Class, before you take your seats, pick up
Some pieces of papers under your chairs
And align your chairs properly.
* You may now take your seats. * Thank you Ma’am * Class say present if your name is called.
* ( Checking of attendance)
* Now, can I have your assignment please?
At the account of 5, all notebooks should
Be in front 1-2-3- 4-5.
* Ok, class do you know the word knife? * Yes ma’am * Who can go to the board and spell the word
Knife? Anyone? Yes Kristine * KNIFE * Very Good! Together, knife! * KNIFE * What have you observed when you read
The word knife? Yes, Daria. * Silent letter K Ma’am * Correct! It is a word with silent letter k.
I have here some words with silent letter K.
I will read the word first and follow after me.
* Knot Knave Knock Knew
Kneel Knee Knell Known
Knife Knit Know Knoll
Knight Knob Knelt

1. A. Review
* Now are you ready with
Our new topic class? * Yes Ma’am * Goo.But before that, we will go back first
With our previous discussion. Who
can recall our previous lesson? Yes Cris. * Our topic last . meeting was all
about the verb.
* That’s right! It was all about verb.
Now, let’s have a different way of
answering the questions. It’s called
Hot Seat, Try to look under your chair
And whoever can find a red tag should
Answer the following question. Now,look
For it, at the count of three, 1,2,3,go!
Now who got the red tag? Ok, Charity
Now that you got it you have to answer this,
give the definition of a verb.
. * Verb, is an . . . action word. * Very Good. Verb is an action word.

* And that there is what we called the
* subject-verb agreement.
* We discussed last meeting that if your
Subject is singular your verb must also
be in singular form or the s form of the
verb. Example She listens attentively to
the story. The subject She is singular,
thus, our verb listens is in its s form.
* Another example, “The puppies bark”.
* Who got the yellow tag? Ok
Aime it’s your turn.
What is the verb there?. * Bark, Ma’am. * Correct! Bark is the verb. It is singular
or plural? The one that got the blue tag,
Yes Julevy. * Plural Ma’am * That’s right! Bark is a plural form of verb
Because our subject puppies is also plural,
* Your verb must agree with the subject
in number. Did you get it class? * Yes Ma’am * Good.

B.) Motivation
Some children are...
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