A Detailed Description of the Kipande House

Topics: President of the United States, Kenya, President Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Kipande house.
It is a colonial architecture building that was built in the early 1900. It was designed by gurdit singh and was the tallest building in Kenya before city hall was built in 1935. The building has a clock tower that is 65ft high and is a one storey affair. It is located on Kenyatta avenue opposite GPO, general post office building and currently houses the Kenya commercial bank KCB as do other colonial style buildings on Kenyatta avenue. It is made of grey building rock with a beautiful hand dressed finish which allows it to have sharp defined edges. It has an arc above the main door and the two windows next to it while other windows are rectangular. The labour for this was provided by slaves in Kenya. Historically, this building as the name suggests was where Kenyans went to get their Identity cards. Culturally, the kipande played a very important role in the Kenyan man’s life and history. This building that still stands reminds us of our not so pleasant past and sheds light on the progress we have made as a people since independence. There’s no more slavery. For some, however, it reminds them of a horrible past. In my opinion, the building is beautiful. In its form, I see a use of line that is magnificent. There are curves, arch’s around the door and windows and also as the clock tower begins. From its structure we can see shadows and highlights depending on where the light falls. The colour of the building, grey gives it a sense of age and antiquity. It is unique. Its edges are interesting. The in and out placement of the bricks gives it a beautiful finish. My conclusion is that this building was built to last. It has stood for a century and does not wield a single crack. I recommend that architects today design buildings that can stand the test of time. Jommo Kenyatta statue.

It is an intricate double life-size, 12ft seated statue of president Jommo Kenyatte in 1969 with every detailed aspect to a birthmark on the presidents face and his...
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