A Descriptive Essay of a Family Member

Topics: Family, Laughter, Flush toilet Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: October 30, 2013
My little sister is an idiot.
She is definitely the devil incarnate herself. Cunning, calculative, witty but annoying. An insufferable know-it-all. Sometimes I couldn't help but wondered how on earth could I be still sane under years of torture she gave me. She has caused our family countless problems since the day she was born. She is bossy, always wanted to manipulate the others. She is nosey too, just couldn't mind her own business. Last fall when we were preparing our winter clothing, she was like “all of you must listen to me and get this and that or else I would torture you all with my scream”. Definitely not a lovely kid at all. But on the contrary she doesn't look as hideous as her personality is. In face she is quite adorable. With bright brown eyes and silky raven hair, she actually looks like one of those Chinese porcelain doll. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes wide, always unblinking, giving you a dreamy, almost longing stare. Her lips are twitched into a half smirk, which you would die to smack that off her face, but sometimes creeps into a perfect grin that could make your day. People said no one was completely evil, and I believe not. That little urchin could be a pain in the arse, but she could also be the reason why you burst into laughter. Two years ago she just got proposed to primary school and had to do that interview thing. I was there with her on that day. It went smoothly at first, but when it came to the question and answer part, I almost couldn't hold back my laughter. “So, where do you live?”

“At home.”
“My home.”
“ Alright. And your birthday?”
“Not yet.”
“Jeez. Fine. What would you do when you're pissed?”
“I go to the toilet and when I am done I glare at the toilet and bark 'EAT MY POOP!' then flush the toilet” The interviewer quirked an eyebrow, and almost smirked. That girl's answer was wicked. My little sister can't speak fluent English since she is still a little kid, and this is also one of the...
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