A Description on Self Awareness

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PSY 1513

Meridian Community College

My project consists of my self-awareness. I have answered five questions to show my self-awareness. I explain the significance of events in my life and the kind of people I spend my time with. I also talk about my accomplishments in my life and my goals in the future.

1. Type of people I enjoy spending time with?
I enjoy spending time with caring, Christian, funny people. I love spending time with caring people because they always keep other people in mind. They rarely think only about themselves. Being caring is a very important characteristic to have. Also, the people I spend time with are Christians. I spend a lot of time with Christians because I need good role models. I will not have to worry much about peer pressure if I spend time with Christians. Christians are definitely not perfect, but they realize when they mess up and feel terrible about it. My friends also pray for me when I am in times of need. My friends are also funny. I love to laugh. I like spending time with good, caring, and Christian friends who can make me laugh. 2. Three significant events in my life?

One significant event in my life was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. When I was 12 years old, I went to church camp at Waukaway Springs. We had services every morning and night. On the third night, I felt the Lord’s presence in the room. I knew he was talking to me through the message brought by Bro. Rick. Bro. Rick had an alter call. I was so nervous of what everyone was going to say if I went up there. I just sat there in my seat for a couple of minutes, but then I got up and went to Bro. Rick and said, “I want Jesus Christ to come into my heart.” The other preachers walked to the front...

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