A Description of the PDA Psychometric Test

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What is the PDA Psychometric Test?

PDA is a psychometric test that through a simple, precise and scientific method allows us to discover and analyze people’s behavioral profiles. It also allows us to evaluate the behavioral requirements of a job and generate detailed compatibilities that apply to the different Human Resources processes.

The PDA test does not qualify behavioral profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioral characteristics. In the case of generating a study of compatibilities between a person and a job description, it simply describes and provides details on the strengths and weaknesses.

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Who uses the PDA test?
This psychometric evaluation can be beneficial to:


People: in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses to get a better job, to become better at their current job, to improve their relationship with colleagues, superiors and or/collaborators. *

Entities: to identify, develop and/or retain talent. This tool is utilized by most of the leading companies ranked on Great Place to Work. *

HR consulting entities: Incorporate a new product into your portfolio, add value to your services, and generate consulting projects based on the psychometric behavioral test.

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What information does the PDA provide?

Through the PDA psychometric test ou can quickly go online to obtain:

* A person’s behavioral profile description, detailing (press here to see an example): o Leadership style
o Decision-making style
o How to lead this person to success
o Persuasive skills
o Analytical skills
o Sales skills
o Motivation level
o Main skills and strengths
o Areas of improvement
* Individual and / or group compatibility between one or more individuals and a job. * Individual and or group compatibility between one or more individuals and your company’s competences.

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How does the PDA Report contribute to the professional growth and development of an individual?

The complete PDA report will help you to know yourself better and to identify what are your main strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, it’ll allow you to objectively identify the skills you need to maximize your potential.

If you are currently interviewing or looking for a better job, the complete PDA report will help you to…

• Research strategically
• Interview successfully
• Emphasize skills and strengths
• Feel confident
• Find a job that matches your “natural” characteristics • …other benefits
“From all the possible knowledge, the wiser and more useful is to know yourself” - William Shakespeare.

If you are currently working, the complete PDA report will help you to…:

• Understand and improve your leadership skills
• Effectively develop your skills and strengths
• Improve your relationship with your colleagues
• Plan self-improvement
• Understand difficulties with team members
• ...among many other benefits
“The key to negotiate with others effectively is to manage you first. The better you know yourself, the better you can relate to others, from a confident, secure and strong position” - Hendrie Weisinger.

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Does the PDA have theoretical support?

The PDA test is a powerful tool with more than 50 years of studies based on different theories and statistics. It is certified for its application in Latin America.

The PDA test is based on a model with 5 pillars that measure the following dimensions and their intensities:

• Results oriented
• People and negotiation oriented
• Details oriented
• Conformity to Rules
• Autocontrole emocional

The PDA test is based on the following theories:

1) William Moulton Marston’s personality structure
2) Self consistency theory
3) Perception Theory
4) Semantic Study

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