A Defining Moment in My Life

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A Defining Moment in my life
Cancer, the word burned into my mind. My dad has cancer. The realization of this was so painful, that it was too much to bear. It was Multiple Myeloma, disease with which was not familiar. All that I knew was that my dad had cancer and my world was about to change forever. I always loved my dad and thought we had a strong bond, but our time together was limited. Between his work schedule and my school and sports schedules, we rarely saw each other. When he began his treatment, it was still the same routine. When we did finally get to spend time together, we would watch “the game”. It didn’t matter what team or what sport, we would just sit together and watch. During the course of my father’s illness I had to step up. I was now in charge of not of only myself but my little brother and sister. I had to help them with homework, get them ready for bed and wake them up in the morning. At times I just wanted to break down. I was so worried about my dad and if he was even going to survive. I didn’t want to go on. I knew I had to though, because my dad needed me too. I was completely overwhelmed. I was trying to keep my grades up, not let anyone know what my dad was ill, and most of all keep my feelings and emotions hidden. I had hit rock bottom, yet I was fighting so hard to stay positive and upbeat. Then I discovered something at basketball practice that changed my life. I realized that I didn’t have to keep all my emotions in; I could realse all my frustrations and worries in sports. When I was in the 7th grade, my dad was so proud that my team made it to the championship. Everyone was counting on us to win. We were 24-0 going into the championship. We had posters and were ready to finally win it all. As the game began and I started to play, I did not feel right. I was stiff and making many mistakes. As the game went on though, I started to get more aggressive and feel more like myself. I was beginning to release all the pain, all the...
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