A Dead Beat Parent: Chelsea Whaling

Topics: Causality, Parent, Mother Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: December 30, 2010
Chelsea Whaling
A Dead Beat Parent
Parents play a crucial role in a child's life and undoubtedly shape the person the child will become. There for it is very important that a parent takes parenting their children seriously and do everything in their power to give their children the best love and support they can. This means stepping up to the plate and providing for your children not only the basic necessities but also love and nurture. With that being said, a dead beat parent is someone who does not fulfill these responsibilities. A dead beat parent is a parent or guardian that fails to provide their children with the basic necessities, love and nurture, and also a good example, someone to look up to.

No one said having a child or caring for a child is an easy job but it is a crucial one. Every human being has basic necessities needed to survive and providing these to your children is just one of the many important parts of their lives. Parent's needs to be able to put food on the table and a roof over their child's head. With the many programs this government offers for parents who are not financially stable this task should not be hard. While it may be difficult to reach the top money wise, there are always programs such as welfare and food stamps that can help give ones children the basics. No one is saying it is an easy task to be financially stable or that one has to buy their children the world but having the basics is a necessity children require. Parents that choose to spend their money in a different way such as drug or alcohol use undoubtedly should be categorized as a dead beat parent. People that choose other non necessities over their own children should not in any case be allowed to have custody over any child whether their own or not.

Moreover, most importantly in my opinion children require love and nurture from their parents. One can hear stories daily of drug addicted mothers leaving their young children at home all alone, to fend for...
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