A day I want to forget

Topics: Family, Love, Mother Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: October 30, 2013
A day I would like to forget
It started out as a normal day, I went to school but, school got out at ten because of snow. As my little brother and I were walking off the bus, I saw a u-haul parked in our driveway. I thought I was going blind for a second, I didn’t know what was going on. My first thought was “Does my mother know about his move?” Before I saw anything else, my step-dad walked outside to greet my brother and I. All three of us plus his mother and sister came inside the house and tried to explain everything to us. My mom knew nothing about this until she came to the house after getting off work that afternoon. I cried on her shoulder and she cried on mine, we were both heartbroken. I have never felt that before, my whole world was turned upside down and hasn’t been the same since. That was my mom’s second sepration but my first heartbreak from a boy and I would love to forget this day from sunrise to sunset. My step-dad took both of my brothers with him and I live here with my mom. I wish both of my younger brothers lived here with us and went to the schools I grew up going too. Steven (13) attends Smithfield Middle school and William (8) attends South Smithfield. They should be attending Polenta Elementary and McGees Crossroads Middle, it breaks my heart that they don’t. Did you ever think one day could change your entire life? Cause I sure didn’t. I wish January 10, 2009 never happend.

I was alone. Nobody else knows whats it like to watch your only dad walk out of your life, like it not a big deal. It’s not a huge deal, until it happends to you and your family. I watched him walk out of our house for the last time that day. I heard him say “I love you” and mean it for the last time. I watched him to stay my only brothers way. I watched him get the mail for our mailbox for the last time but most of all, I watched my heart follow him as he drove away. I wasnt as sad as my mother though, she wants nothing to do with that man. He hurt her to...
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