A Day That Changed My World View

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A Day That Changed My World View
Michael Strbac
ENC 1101- Composition 1

A Day That Changed My World View
I remember getting up in the morning, starting breakfast and turning on the TV just as I had on many other normal mornings. I was having Raison Bran for breakfast and looking for something interesting on TV to watch. All the stations were covering the same thing. The date, 09/11/2001. Things would never be normal again.

I called work, Inland Express Airport Shuttle Service, to see whether I would be working that day or not, all the time watching the TV screen. Oh God, another replay of the plane flying into the building, the commentators still speculating on whether it was an accident or intentional. Then a new sight, what’s going on. Here comes a second plane heading for the other tower, then disappearing into the tower in a plume of flame and smoke. I guess we can disregard the accident theory. Who’s responsible for this, who could possibly do something like this, on American soil no less? I was told that, yes I would be expected into work that day, although to do what no-one could say.

I finish my breakfast, while continuing to watch the horror show playing on the screen in front of me. Thank God I’m not scheduled to work until 3 o’clock this afternoon. I need the time to pull myself together.

I show up at work almost an hour early, anxious to ask what I should do, anxious to be told what to do, anxious for some information beyond that which I’ve been getting off the boob tube all morning long. I’m told that all American airports are closed indefinitely, so there will be no shuttle pick-ups today. All I need do is answer customer questions to the best of my ability for the rest of the evening. It seems the President of the United States has no clue what’s going on, so what can our customers possibly expect from me? A lot, apparently. I must have fielded 50 calls that shift from panicked customers expecting me to...
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