A Day in the Life of Me

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A Day in the Life of Me – Week 7

Introduction to Sociology - SOCI111 with Dr. Tinker

Everyday I wake up and come into contact with objects and people of all nationalities, cultures and social class, which is sociological. Objects I see or use such as clothes, music, phone or even appliances that help me wake up (coffee of course) help me to start my day. Interestingly enough everyday life consists of human beings interacting with one another, their ideas, and emotions, which can be called sociology of identification. We recognize and participate sociologically with our family at home, our peers and employers at work and students at school. An example is the very class I am participating in right now, interacting using a set of norms by conforming to them and working to get this paper in or by breaking them (deviancy) by watching television and stalling writing, which I am kind of doing. (Henslin, 2010) Rigid adherence to my beloved daily routine is the most essential aspect of not letting stress into my life. I will tell you about it, however keep in mind all times are "-ish" as I work a flexible schedule and need to be able to adjust according to life’s challenges. My daily routine begins at 4:45 when I get up, find my workout shorts, and make the trek downstairs and take a litany of pills. Once I have taken my pills that consist of two Aleve, a multi-vitamin, allergy pill, fish oil pill and high dose of Alpha-Lipoic Acid for cell repair I talk myself into a reason why I need to workout. While I know this activity is in my best interest, I still for some reason try to talk myself out of it. I go ahead and turn on the television, change the recorder to WWE and start to work out. This provides me the benefit of good health thereby reducing the possibility of falling into the sick role and having it impact my work environment, which enhances my productivity. (Henslin, 2010) From 5:30 – 6:00 I finish my workout, then go make myself a protein shake to boost my metabolism and give me the opportunity to increase what level of slow-metabolism I have to make it through the day. Upstairs and in the shower, this is the time of day when I'm best able to maintain the necessary alertness for "proper" concentration when the heat and the water wakes me up and soothes my muscles all at the same time. Then I choose my outfit for the day depending on what type of role I must play that day (suit for business meetings, casual for internal business meetings or jeans and work shirt for down to earth elbow work). The dress that I choose will define exactly what type of message I want to send to all those I come in contact with defined as impression management by sociologist Erving Goffman (1922-1982). (Henslin, 2010) At 6:45, I go down the stairs and out the door to the light rail, about a 5-minute drive. There I sit and wait for the Max (light rail) to arrive and take me to work. Here I get to interact with others in a public environment, I conform to societal norms by ensuring I use my manners and don’t bother others, this can be anything from not playing my music to loud, making sure I showered and giving up my seat to senior citizens or children as expressed in how we interact with our elderly. This is my way to show them the respect I have for them without being self-centered, maybe it is my own emotional journey into gerotranscendence as defined by Lars Tornstam (Henslin, 2010) At 7:30 I arrive down at the station just outside work. I walk over to my office and upon entering the office say hello to all the employees already at work. This creates an open environment that promotes Symbolic Interaction with everyone involved thru the personal space I give them, appropriate eye contact, and body language all the way down to the smile I choose to give or not give them. At 8:00, I sit down at my computer and start to log in. Once I am logged in, I begin to slowly and methodically thumb thru my e-mail prioritizing...

References: Henslin, James M. (2010) Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach. (10th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.
My Journal of Wednesday October 20, 2010
4:45 Get up, find my workout shorts, make the trek downstairs and take a litany of pills
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