a day in the life of versailles

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Apartment, Palace of Versailles Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: November 5, 2013
A Day in the Life of Versailles
Louis XIV
Dear diary,
Today was such a tiring day!
I was woken up very early in the morning, and as usual I went through my every day morning routine. My wonderful servants had me washed, dressed, shaved and then served me a delicious bowl of broth for breakfast. When I had finished, I left the Apartment. A procession formed in the Hall of Mirrors, and they followed me out as I walked across the Grand Apartment to greet the crowds. The choir of the “Chapel Music” played a lovely piece today; I think it might even be my favorite. After I had briefly spoken to some people, and had been passed several written requests, that I would have to review later, I returned to my Apartment. I held council, and since today was Monday, I met with the Council of State, and then examined some building programmes. After the council meeting, I had a moment of privacy and tranquility as I dined in my bedroom, while enjoying the beautiful view I could see out my window. After lunch, I decided to take a short break, and went hunting. I had a lucky day! I shot three deer, and one squirrel, which is shocking since we rarely find squirrels in that area of the woodlands. As I was taking a promenade, I got notified that I had some letters to sign, so I returned to my Apartment. The letters were never ending, and even though I had the help of one of my secretaries, it was eternal. By the time I was done, it was time to head to the apartments of Madame de Maintenon for my study session. I studied several important dossiers, and once again thank God I had some help. Finally, at 10pm I got to sit down for supper, then I shared some time with my family and retired to my bedroom. I can finally rest after such a long and tiring day!

Louis XIV
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