A Day in the Life of a Geographer

Topics: Map, Geography, Cartography Pages: 3 (441 words) Published: February 17, 2015

Part A:
A Day in the Life of a Cartographer.

To be a cartographer you must understand geography in a wide and deep range. You must also understand science, especially in the area of placing things in an absolute manner on earth, how to create a map or diagram, a bit of technology (just because of the way we live today), and anything having to do with detailed geographical information. Depending on what specific map they are constructing, cartographers are dedicated and reach a goal in a given amount of time. They deal with and speculate a variety of areas, including publishing, government, surveying, and conservation. A cartographer’s role varies from technical development to the design of bespoke maps. A cartographer has many activities to choose, depending on the type of cartographing field they have chosen. They could use their time keeping up to date with emerging specialist software, liaising with surveyors and designers, or generalising map data to allow for a reduction in scale (derived mapping). All of these tasks require a quick sense and a keen eye. This field of work does not require a mass amount of workers, but there are an appropriate amount spread throughout the country. In order from most populated, most employment takes place mostly in California, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, and Florida. The average employment rate throughout these states ranges from 590 to 1,400 persons. Though the cost of a road or world map isn’t that high, the process of creating one is. This involves traveling, researching, and working simple and complex math problems. The average hourly income for a cartographer individual is usually around $32.23. This is just in the United States, but cartography is famous around the world, considering everyone needs a map of where they live. I’ve chosen this career because I feel I could be useful in the creative part of this work. I would bring out my artistic side and make the maps so intriguing that they would...
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