A Day in Life of Alex Sander

Topics: Management, 360-degree feedback, Leadership Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: August 25, 2014
A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

Problem Statement
To better utilize Alex Sander’s full competency using the 360 feedback system. External Analysis
The year 2007 – 08, US faced a heavy slow down causing recession and layoffs. At such scenarios, it would be very difficult for high performing individuals like Sander to find a job which would be as challenging or providing compensation like the present one. Cultural

Multi-national acquisitions causing major cultural blends at work places Internal Analysis
Alex’s Swot
Strengths:EntrepreneurshipCommitmentUndaunted by any learning challengeMakes things happenMarket/Product knowledgeHigh level of self confidenceWilling to ask the hard questionsNever frozen by indecisionMultitasking Gives credit where credit is dueGenerosityIs willing to MentorCreative, Relentless| Weaknesses:Can breed hostilityA lone rangerTactless assessmentShort temperedNo work/life balanceDoes not praise others oftenMicro managesArrogantStresses the systemNeeds work on leading virtual teamsContradiction in what he says and what he does| Opportunities:May get into broader planning areas Set up a start-up of his own| Threats: Might not be able to get into field salesMight not get senior leadership positionsMight not get a willing team to work with| Factors

* Team Dynamics
* Overlapping of the 360 degree feedback with the Nourish product launch * Alex’s ambitions to be in a strategic role
* Keeping Alex motivated
* New performance assessment system at Landon
* Alex’s ability to create economic value
* Alex’s working style affecting others long term performance Critical Factors and Analysis
* Team Dynamics
Alex micromanages his projects and often takes decisions without consulting the team. This de-motivates the team mates. His vigour and energy to work are his personal traits which he expects from others too. This is creating a risk of burnout among other employees. * Overlapping of the...
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