A Day in Ancient Rome

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Public bathing Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: March 7, 2006
If I had to choose an ancient time or civilization to live in I would choose Rome. I would choose Rome because I find their lifestyle to be more down to earth then most other ancient civilizations, specifically the Greeks. Their artwork, building, and excellent military are major points of interest to me. Further, in examining what daily life would be like for me in that time I chose to research both the life of a patrician, or upper class man, and the life of a soldier. In the following paragraphs I will try to depict what life was like in ancient Rome for both an upper class/patrician man and/or a Roman soldier. I will cover activities such as eating habits, clothing, housing, marriage and family life, and hobbies. For starters Rome was a busy place to live; it had an intricate road system, wonderful elaborate buildings including both temples and public buildings. It also had wealthy homes, which were known for their entrance atriums, where family life took place. Whatever strata of life you belonged to there was always something to do such as festivals, fights, worship, and even theatre. For the most part soldiers ate well as did the patricians. They enjoyed fruits and vegetables, different types of bread (sometimes dipped in wine), and fresh meat and fish. What I found most interesting about their diet was that they used honey as a sweetener. They also didn't use forks and knives and instead ate with their hands. In the case of most patricians they had their food cut up by slaves. In contrast, soldiers, when eating with their legion, tended to be a bit more savage, at least in regards to how they ate their food. However, dinner parties were a bit more elaborate. They were characterized by having entertainment; heavy wine drinking and relaxing on couches for hours (Steele 29). These diner parties were usually attended by men only. Clothing in ancient Rome, at least for men, was quite simple. Most men wore togas, which were white sheets that...
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