A Day at the Orlando Museum of Art

Topics: Glass, Art, 20th century Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Day at the Museum
In the history of humanity, civilizations have always made a place for fine arts or works to be displayed to the people; we know these places as galleries and museums. Presently many different genres of art are displayed but many of these works are similar in the fact that they are all influenced by styles developed in the early twentieth century. I went to visit a museum recently, I viewed the art it was filled with, and I left with a different view of art than when I had arrived.

On my trip to see art I visited the Orlando Museum of Art. The building is fairly large and when you enter the main hall, the high ceilings, and marble flooring and walls give the feeling of lots of room for parties or class trips. The main room of the museum has a blown glass tree about twenty feet tall and eight in diameter constructed from a couple hundred blue and green glass bulbs about the size of a head, a very impressive piece that beckons the visitor to explore the rest of the vast rooms with excitement. There are hallways that trail off to the sides of the building where you can see the art as well as the views of the grounds and lake behind the museum. There are places to play and make your own art with your children or if you’re on a date with someone, hours can be spent relaxing, viewing, and being creative. The open rooms and neutral polished marble construction give the exhibits their own space to influence the minds of the visitors and also give a calm and liberating feel to the environment in the building. The guards don’t allow any pictures of the art so photos have to be taken cautiously. There is a wide range of different art from early African craft art to the works of the Latin American cultures of old, but the focus at the museum is American art which ranges from colonial times to as recent as last year.

During my visit to the Orlando Museum of Art I was witness to an impressive collection of art from the last century as well as more...
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