A Day at the Beach

Topics: Mind, Feeling, Thought Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: February 6, 2014
While I was sitting in the reticent bathroom pacing back and forth, scared, tense, and quivering I was scared to even look at the results. Sitting here thinking back and wondering to myself if that was the right answer. How could I do this to someone that I should have loved? Going back to an outstanding year in 2004, full of excitement and joy but ended in agony and sorrow. I was with a boy that I thought was my knight and shining armor, I mean this is really the first time I ever felt loved. Living in the dreadful house of my grandmother, he was my paradise, my escape route to have fun. There was no way that I could show any expressions of pleasure because I would be punished, so I would creep out of the house or say I was going somewhere that I wasn’t. Meeting up with this chocolate, suave, attractive young man I felt like I was in heaven. Rubbing on his velvety skin, just made me have this feeling that I couldn’t resist and that no one ever talked to me about. I mean my mind and my emotions were just out of control with a rage of hormones. As we made passionate love neither I nor him was even thinking about using protection we were just caught up in the moment, adoring every minute of it. The night came to a close and as I headed back home, the gut feeling I had just didn’t feel right. I mean, I knew I was already in trouble because my grandmother had called me almost 15 times on my cell phone, but this feeling was just different. While at home, I realized over the weeks that I started to eat more and I was always tired, something that I wasn’t used to because I was a very energetic person. Everyone started to notice all my friends, noticing that my clothes where getting a little tighter, I was always asking them for their food and they asked me, Are you pregnant? At that moment, I thought maybe I am it all makes sense with all the problems I have been having. After getting home that day from school my friend gave me a pregnancy test and I...
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