A day as a priest

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My interview was with Reverend Andrew Booms who has been appointed by the Bishop of Saginaw to serve as the permanent priest for St. Michael Church in Port Austin. I decided to ask him questions about how he became a priest. There are many details I can learn from a priest. I never knew priests have so much to do from visiting the sick, to celebrating mass. There are three main issues I would like to discuss with Father Andy: his childhood, his career, and his typical day of work.

When Andrew Booms was very young, he wanted to become a doctor, having a family and living in the suburbs. As he grew older he wanted to make a difference in the world. While attending Port Hope High School, Father Andy was not a popular young man and did not possess much athletic talent. As a young boy growing up he wanted to live life to the fullest. He did not know one day he would be a pastor. He also didn’t know that he would be pastor in his hometown. While interviewing Father Andy, I noticed we have a lot in common. We both want to make a difference in the world. I believe he was chosen by God to speak to the younger generation to tell them their future is full of brightness.

At age of 24 Andrew Booms entered the seminary and attend St. John Vianney Seminary in Minneapolis. Attending St. John Seminary he told me while studying Mother Teresa appeared to him and became his spiritual leader. During my time interviewing Father Andy, I noticed while we were talking he kept saying that when it comes to a career God already has a plan for all of us. According to Father Andy there is a shortage of priests, but there is no shortage of work. Our diocese is undergoing a planning process to meet both the needs of the community and the limits or demands on priests and deacons. He has planned many trips, like visiting Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. I have noticed that this is a man who is strong, and who has a strong belief in Jesus Christ.

When I first asked Father Andy...
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