A curse or a blessing?

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Socioeconomics / Pages: 2 (457 words) / Published: Nov 25th, 2013
Was The Industrial Revolution a Blessing Or A Curse? Without doubt, the Industrial Revolution was a blessing to all of mankind. What are you using to read this article? You computer? Your mini-tablet? Your smart-phone? Without the Industrial Revolution, you would have any of that. The Industrial Revolution made our lives easier than ever before. Instead of having to go to factories everyday, machines do the harsh conditioned jobs for you, while get better jobs that have better conditions with higher wages. Our lives got better in terms of having better clothing, better diets, having machines do jobs for us, etc.; in terms of having more jobs, education and medical care; and in terms of having higher living standards. In terms of everyday life conditions, we have better diets, we wear better clothes and we have machines to do our jobs for us. For example, we wear better clothes than people from before the Industrial Revolution. We have fancier clothes, and better clothes to protect ourselves from the cold temperature in the winters. We also have better diets, we know what is good for us, and what is not, we know good food combinations, etc. Our lives were made easier by smartphones, by computers and by other devices. Before, we had to go to our friends homes to tell them something, or send a letter if they were far, all we have to do now is click a few keyboards, click enter, and they get a message. We can even talk to them face to face even though we’re in opposite ends of the world. Our lives also got better in terms of having more jobs, education, and medical care. Now a day, there are more and better job opportunities for adults, more education was provided to children, and better medical care for the whole world. Education is now given to most of the children in the whole world thanks to the Industrial Revolution, there are more job opportunities for adult thanks to the Industrial Revolution, and medication has improved immensely, all thanks to the

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