A Crowd Gathered Quickly, Curious of the Contents in the Abandoned Backpack. Describe the Scene

Topics: Parking lot, Parking, The Stranger Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 14, 2006
Rain fell that day, a fine whispering rain. Many years later, I had only to close my eyes and I could still hear it like tiny fingers tapping on a windowpane.
September eleventh was an unusual morning at the La Guardia International Airport, a peculiar one indeed. Hundreds of flights delayed, and thousands of people crammed themselves into the airport that dreary morning, with lines winding across the lobby, thousands patiently waiting to clear security. Gazing outside my office window, I saw him.

The rain cast a kind of pallor over the day, and this stranger was little more than just a stolid figure. Only his face gleamed white as he loitered suspiciously in the lobby. His hair clung to his wet forehead, he was drenched in water, but he ignored it. He stood there motionless, one arm crossed over his chest as if that might at least warm him a little, and the next, clutched on to a black backpack. And he kept on staring at this back pack, with a cunning look welded on to his face.

Do not jump to conclusions Corbin, stop being so suspicious, I thought. I could not help it though, I stood there, my heart thudding, curious of what could possibly have been in this bag, and I went on gazing at the stranger as if his stillness had infected me. Suddenly, he looked up, and it felt as if he were looking straight into my eyes. I shot from behind my desk so fast that the tons of paperwork needed to be done that day had flew to the floor, and I ran barefoot out into the corridor and into ASP Smith's office.

"Sir, there is a suspicious man standing in the lobby."
He raised his head and looked at me with the usual absent expression he wore when I interrupted his reading.
"Someone suspicious, in the lobby? Are you sure?"
"Yes. He is staring at my office."
He did not believe me, but he came anyway.
"He is just standing there!" I whispered, leading my boss to the lobby, but the stranger had vanished, leaving behind his backpack. Amongst the hustle and bustle in...
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