A Critically Reflective Response to Behaviour Management Issues in Key Stage 2

Topics: Teacher, School, Psychology Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: January 29, 2012
A Critically Reflective Response to Behaviour Management issues in Key Stage 2

I strongly feel as though I learnt a great deal from my observations during my Key Stage 2 placement. There are certain things which I wish to take forward into my own teaching practice. The experience certainly helped me to eradicate a feeling of cognitive dissonance. It was interesting observing a wide variety of classes throughout Key Stage 2 as it gave me an opportunity to observe a variety of different teaching styles and behaviour management techniques. I was keen to focus on how teachers dealt with behaviour management issues as this is something I was very apprehensive about. Effective teaching and learning can’t exist without effective behaviour management. From my initial observations, I noticed that there was a clear consistency in how behaviour is managed throughout the school. I noted that most members of staff were following the same strategy of gaining pupils attention at the start of the lesson. After giving out verbal instructions to the pupils to settle down or listen attentively, most of the teachers would raise their hand up in the air and wait for the pupils to listen. This practice of raising ones hand in the air to gain the attention of the class is something I would want to implement in my teaching practice in secondary school. This practice is mentioned in one of Canter’s behaviour management strategies which is to try and use non-verbal gestures in support of verbal statements (Canter, 1992). Another common practice I observed, was that teachers would refer back to the rules of behaviour which were on the school’s code of conduct whenever there was any disruptions in the classroom. The teachers would reiterate the fact that all the pupils should know these rules by now and the purpose behind the rules, they would then point out, how, some pupils are affecting the rights of others who are keen to learn. The possible sanctions that were highlighted were...
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