A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between Organisational Culture, Employee Motivation , Employee Performance and Service Quality Using the Following Case Studies;

Topics: Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation Pages: 5 (1589 words) Published: December 3, 2009
A Critical analysis of the relationship between organisational culture, employee motivation ,* employee performance and service quality* using the following* Case studies*; Mitchell and Brothers, Marston’s PLC, *Banana Wharf* and* Best Western* Group. This may seem a far way from your everyday business or organisation closer to home, but surprisingly the variations between places and countries are very similar to that of organisations. Every business has their own specific way of doing things, has developed norms and procedures over time and has a different atmosphere and feeling. These differences, similar to that of countries, have developed through many influences both internal and externa,l and the common name for these sets of differences within organisations is the same word used to describe a countrys traditions and norms; it’s Culture (Handy 1985). Cultures often evolve and change within an organisation. Banana Wharf is small and fairly new whose strong pervasive culture relies upon as later mentioned its cohesive tribe of loyal workers to perform. It is however in a company that will be looking to grow and adapt to changing environments. Best Western started in a similar place and has grown to the extent that the establishment of stricter rules and ways in which to do things have been introduced and formulised. Charles Handy (1985) explains that he sees this change as the first signs of organisational maturity, stating “time and success leads to growth and the specialization and formulisation of activities”. A movement that starts the organisations move away from being a founder dependant power culture such as Banana Wharf is currently. “Managing and developing people has perhaps the most powerful effect on overall performance”(Caulkin 2001). Performance in employees in relation to their roles within an organisation is a complex subject. As previously suggested motivation has a major part to play in output and quality of performance of employees. The overall HR practises of individual organisations can have considerable effects on employees. The organisations adoption of training and performance methods as earlier discussed is a major part of performance improvement, but appraisal, disciplinary and performance measurement also play a large part in this. _“Activities designed to motivate and encourage employees to work towards objectives that are in line with organisational goals”._ Creating clear and decisive roles and responsibility, so employees can understand what is expected of them.

Encourage better training

Appraisals. Including targets and performance but also feedback, exchanging views and positive reinforcement.
Marston’s has an effective appraisal and performance review program in place with the help of IIP guidelines. Within individual pubs they hold many informal group meetings and reviews, allowing employees to understand where there is good performance and what needs improvement as a team not just individually. They also hold annual reviews for each staff member and these are to cover not only targets but personal development also. Banana Wharf in comparison has appraisals only for its senior staff such as managers and assistant managers. In a similar way to Best Western the appraisals are only used to evaluated targets, GP and set new performance targets as apposed to personal development. Performance Measurement however still needs to draw a hard line, an organisation needs be profitable to stay safe in the industry and hitting targets is a key performance to achieve. Mitchell and Butlers have taken a new approach to measuring performance combining elements of soft and hard performance lines, and appealing to their employee’s extrinsic as well as intrinsic motivations. They use Mystery Shoppers within their restaurants and pubs to evaluate the general venue as a whole, service and atmosphere, as well as individuals who are working at the time...
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