A Crazy Emily

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Crazy is defined as mentally unbalanced or insane. Emily is definitely crazy. Necrophilia or not, she is considered crazy either way. Although, the crazy focused here is the one that does not concern necrophilia. This focuses more on how she is trying to grasp some things she cannot have, and also having to kill just to have it. Some may say she is normal, but I say otherwise.

The first time I realized she was crazy was at her father’s death. When her father passed away, she did not mourn for his deplorable death. Neither did she want to get rid of him, after the cruelty of depriving her of suitors. She kept clinging to his body, and she kept making herself believe he was alive. Whenever people wanted to give their condolences, her expression was always bland and she claimed that her father was not dead. Psychologically speaking, her reaction was blunt or it lacked in emotional response. Only after three days, when the people were about to resort to law and force, did she admit that he was dead. It was only then that she allowed the authorities to take his body. Another reason why I said she was crazy was because of the time she bought poison. She simply intimidated the druggist into giving her the poison she wanted. She did not say what the use was for, as long as it will “work”. This can actually tell you that she has a plan on killing someone. People with necrophilia do not kill to be with the dead, they just love being with the dead. Crazy people, though, can have the capability to kill. Usually the cause of this is because of rejection. When the person has too much pride, like Emily, they cannot face rejection. Their reaction to this is either they hurt themselves, or hurt the people who hurt them. Hurting people who hurt them will become their obsession. Since she was alive for a long time, it is quite possible that she used the poison in killing Homer Barron.

Lastly, her craziness lies beyond her and in her house. Normally, people consider their...
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