A Course on the Elements of Clinical Psychology

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PSY 480 Complete Class (Elements Of Clinical Psychology) A+ Work

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PSY 480 Week 1 Individual Assignment Examination of Clinical Psychology Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine clinical psychology. Address the following items:
Discuss the history and evolving nature of clinical psychology. Explain the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology. Discuss the differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions, including social work, psychiatry, and school psychology. Include a minimum of two sources from peer-reviewed publications. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

PSY 480 Week 2 Individual Quiz

Select one of the following disorders:
Depressive disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you compare and contrast the major approaches to clinical psychology—psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems—in relation to the selected disorder. Address the following items: Discuss the philosophical origins of each approach. Identify the goals of each approach. Describe the techniques and strategies used by each approach. Explain how each approach affects the treatment strategies for your selected disorder. Evaluate the effectiveness of each approach, in relation to your selected disorder, based on treatment outcome research. Include comprehensive speaker notes with your presentation, e.g., 1-2 paragraphs (APA format) per bullet point. Incorporate information from at least five peer-reviewed publications. Cite each outside source on a slide titled References.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

PSY 480 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Application of Clinical Psychology Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of your selected case, in which you demonstrate an application of clinical psychology in a real-world situation.  Address the following items:
•   Provide a brief overview of your selected case.
•   Discuss the biological, psychological, and social factors involved in your selected case. •   Use your selected case study to explain which interventions would be appropriate in the field of clinical psychology. For each intervention you select, provide the following: o   The rationale for selecting the intervention

o   What would be done
o   Who would be involved
o   In what setting the intervention would occur
o   Which area the intervention is targeting, such as biological, psychological, or social factors o   Use information from at least three peer-reviewed publications to support your points.

PSY 480 Week 4 Individual Assignment Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet located on the student website.

PSY 480 Week 4 Individual Assignment Professional Interview and Response Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Professional Interview and Response Guidelines, located on the student website, for assignment guidelines. Interview two helping service professionals from two different settings, such as a school, hospital, or prison. Ensure that at least one of the interviewees is a clinical psychologist. Provide the name and work environment of the two professionals you interviewed.  Ask the following questions to each of your interviewees:

•   In what setting do you practice? How long have you been practicing? •   What are your specialties or areas of clinical focus?  •   What are the most common disorders you treat?
•   Do you have any special certifications or training beyond your original graduate coursework? •   How do you...
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