A Contrast of Teaching Styles

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A Contrast of Teaching Styles
For this assignment I am going to write about an experience I had in my first year of university. I choose this because I feel that it closely resembles the experience that most of the students I teach have in that I was in a new setting and away from my support structure for the first time in my life. As well, the environment I was thrust into was a strange one that was filled with new cultures, customs, traditions, rules, and expectations. My goals were similar to those of my students. Thus, I feel that my choice will be a valuable personal exercise in regards to how I shape my teaching style after this reflection. I will discuss two teachers that I had during my first year, my Physics teacher, Phil, and my Organizational Behaviour teacher, Bob.

I will begin with Phil. He is what Scrivener referred to as an explainer. Normally, this would not have been a real problem as most of my formal education up to that point had been delivered in that style and I was rather comfortable with it. However, this class was an awakening for me. I will never forget the first class, when Phil walked in and passed out a syllabus, turned around, and started chanting Physics while he wrote in hieroglyphs. This lasted for an hour, when Phil abruptly packed up his bag and referred to his office hours for questions. I walked out of that class kind of laughing and remarking to myself that I wished that I had been able to form a question, let alone ask it aloud. To be honest, I think I was always confused in that room. What was very apparent from day one was that I didn’t really matter. Absolutely none of what was happening in that room hinged on me even a little bit. That was something that I had never dealt with before and it had a tremendously negative impact on my ability to adapt to the course. To be fair, Phil was a very bright man and he was not ill-willed. However, he did not realize that many of us in that class were dealing with a new...
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