A Constitution for All the People

Topics: Separation of powers, Constitution, Federal government of the United States Pages: 1 (586 words) Published: November 5, 2014

A Constitution for All the People, Henry Steele Commager
The Constitution was essentially a political document with these political motives in mind for its creation. It laid out a series of political solutions to the questions at hand during its creation. Among the solutions and motives were answers to the division of power between federal and state governments as well as the balancing of power within these political systems so the minority wasn’t suppressed by the majority. Whilst these problems were being solved, a stronger bond between common citizens and their US government developed. One of the major topics discussed while creating the constitution was the problem of federalism. To be more specific, the distribution among the local and federal governments. Concerns on where the authority for taxing, raising army, regulating commerce, and more should lie were present. These question the place in which political power should lie; therefore it more directly connected to political motives instead of economic ones. Gave the national government power to levy taxes, which shows the decision of political power division between state and national government. Taxing in general is considered an economic motive, but it did not detail any limitations. This is an example of it focusing on political powers rather than economic. Framers of the Constitution gave congress the power to do what they need to regulate and rule over non-state territories. This general idea made a minor connection to economic (land ownership) ideas but more on a large scale established more political power to the central government. The framers of the Constitution were troubled by the idea of the majority having rule in government as they believed it would lead to the suppression of the minority. To this they proposed many solutions in order to balance the power within the government. A series of checks and balances developed in order to maintain equal political power among the three...
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