A Conflict to Responsibilities

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Case study, Human resources Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: October 1, 2012
(A Conflict of Responsibilities)

I. Time Context:
The problem existed or occured when the human resource director at a cardiopulmonary technology company called Tess Danville to give a personal reference on Terry Winston.

II. Viewpoint:
Based on Danville´s point of view, she must respect the agreement and give Winston a good recommendation.

III. Statement of the Problem:
After Winston´s departure, a series of near disaster was uncovered as a result of Winston´s mismanagement. Danville received a message to call the Human Resource Director at a cardiopulmonary technology company to give a personal reference on Winston.

IV. Objective:
To identify what Tess Danville should really do regarding the request of Human Resource Director of a cardiopulmonary company giving them a personal reference on Terry Winston.

V. Areas of Consideration/ Analysis:
➢ Strengths: large market share; Winston´s technical ability and high- powered sales ability ➢ Weaknesses: engaging in illegitimate agreement; undisciplined employee ➢ Opportunities: continuous progress in company´s sales; tendency to double up the number of the company´s devoted customers. ➢ Threats: company´s name will be at risk if ever the shady dealings were uncovered; Winston´s condition can get worse and he could be incompetent

VI. Alternative Courses of Action:
➢ Without mentioning specifics, give Winston such an enthusiastic reference that you hope the other Human Resources Director can read between the lines and believe that Winston will be a poor choice. ➢ Contact the Vice President of sales and ask him to release you from the agreement or to give the reference himself. ➢ Honor the agreement, trusting Winston´s rehabilitation is complete on all levels and that he is now ready for a responsible position.

VII. Recommendation:
Honor the agreement, trusting Winston´s rehabilitation...
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