A Conclusion On Overall The Project

Topics: Graphical user interface, Client-server, User interface Pages: 2 (204 words) Published: November 19, 2014
A. Conclusion
On overall, the project has achieved its objectives. The
project has provided a client/server application for food
ordering system and was successfully built using Visual
Basic 6.0 software. It provides a more convenient and
accurate method for staff in the restaurant since orders are transferred to server in the kitchen immediately and
displayed to the chefs for further process. In view of time saving, less time consuming by waiting and transferring
order by staff in restaurant. In other words, this can
minimize the waiting time spent at the restaurant.
Apart from using internet application, it can be extended
using Bluetooth technology. Thus make the application
more simplistic and robust.
B. Recommendations
There are some improvement can be performed to the
system in the future:
i. The client can be designed in a Pocket PC or PDA
using suitable software.
ii. Develop a proper database that can link directly to
both client and server interface.
iii. Include a proper Graphical User Interface that is easy to use by both users for client and server.
iv. Add more function button to provide variety
function of system
v. Add more feature window such as table display, food
display, online booking and others to attract
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