A Conceptual Game Design Document

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A Conceptual Game Design Document

Game Analysis
Overview Charged! is a racing game pitting a single human-controlled car against the AI. Each car will be miniature, akin to remote-controlled (RC) cars. The first car to navigate the obstacles of the world and complete the required number of laps wins! Charged! will be developed for the PC platform. The details in this document are a brief overview of what the game will be capable of delivering. Certain aspects may change depending on creative feel and aesthetic appearance, but largely the core of the game will follow the outline specified by this document. Game Concept Charged! is a single-player racing game, placing the human-controlled vehicle against AI-controlled vehicles of predetermined intelligence. Each car will resemble an RC car in terms of sound, appearance, size, and feel. Cars will race around an environment similar to those of real RC cars; a house. The player must avoid obstacles, look for shortcuts, perform jumps, and outdrive the AI to succeed in this game. In addition to simple racing mechanics, laying on the track in convenient places will be batteries. A car can drive over a battery in order to increase their battery meter. This mechanic allows the player to gain speed bursts in order to push past competition or fly down a straightaway. In some cases, boosts will be required to perform certain beneficial tactics, such as shortcuts. Game Goals • • • • • • • A quick, quirky racing engine that accurately depicts the physics and feel of an RC car. Level design which makes the player truly feel miniature compared to their surroundings. Easy to pick up, but hard to master gameplay mechanic of controlling the battery meter effectively. Some form of interactivity with the levels, including knocking over a few select household items upon collision. Level shortcuts which reward the player for smart use of their battery meter. AI that does not feel unfair, but provides a suitable and tunable racing challenge. Sufficient reward for winning races, perhaps including new colors of cars or different AI settings.


Stories in racing games are typically not the strongest focus, but a serviceable storyline improves the overall appearance and polish of the game. The story of Charged! revolves around the battery meter. Plot

As an avid RC car admirer, you have enjoyed collecting, tuning, and driving RC cars for the last several years. As the smartest kid in school, you have enjoyed the science of chemistry and the study of reactions. Recently, you have come across a discovery that combines your two passions, and you couldn’t be more excited. After a failed chemical reaction in class, you discovered a potent mixture of chemicals which provides a longer, more powerful charge to electrical devices! Immediately after school, you rush home to try out the new invention with your favorite RC car. Careful not to damage the frame, you replace the standard batteries with your new elixir. Placing the car on the floor, you test it out. You watch amazed as your car zooms and zips around your carpet, seemingly twice as fast as before. Impressed with your invention, you decide to enter it into the school’s annual science fair. However, the competitive nature of the science fair brings out the worst in your classmates. Franklin, the second-smartest person in the class, hears of your discovery and decides to develop his own power-up juice. “Hey, you can’t steal my idea! It’s against school policy,” you protest. “What, are you worried that my invention will easily outperform yours? Because you should be. You are only rated smarter than I am. IQ tests are extremely fallible, I’ll have you know,” Franklin retorts. “Why don’t you put your invention where your mouth is? How about a little race to see whose juice drives an RC car the fastest? Meet me at my place after school in one week. The loser must withdraw from the science fair.” “You’re on.”...
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