A Comprehensive Energy Program for the U.S. Industry: Total Energy Control

Topics: Schneider Electric, Building automation, Electrical engineering Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: October 5, 2010
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Power monitoring

* Power factor correction: Varset, Varpact, Varplus², Varlogic, Reactivar, CP200, Propivar * Simple load control/shedding solution: RCI, CDSc, ACTt... * Electrical network assessment: MP4

* W.A.G.E.S. (Water Air Gas Electricity Steam) Management cost efficient customised solution for small industrial or tertiary buildings: iRIO, Compact NSX, EN40, ME, PM9C * Manage load shedding of your home electrical installation: CDS + C60N + DPN + H1 + H2 * Save money on your electricity bill by taking advantage of cheap rate periods: IH 24h 1C ARM + C60N + CT * Pipeline Management System: Integrated, Validated, Tested architecture and offer comprised of One Scada for Process, Energy & Security at the control room - including interface with Pipeline Applications. Communications (Telemetry,Telecom) to monitor & control Pump Stations

Power quality

* Low loss oil filled transformer for Retail: Trihal energy efficient transformer

Critical power

* Flexible and modular solution for IT rooms: iFlexPower * Coordinated surge protection for distributed loads: SP_Canalis * Critical power protection for medium to large Data Centres: MGE Galaxy, MGE EPS, APC Symmetra * Recommended Architectures for Data Centres: "End to End" Power solutions * Recommended architectures for Healthcare buildings: "End to End" power solutions * intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre for continuous and critical process: MotorSys iPMCC solutions

Pump & Fan control

* Energy savings guarantee for fan applications: Altivar 61 * Optimise swimming pool water management: IHP 2c, C60N, CT

Industrial application control

* Chiller compressor control optimisation: Twido, Altivar 61 * Advanced furnace regulation for energy savings: Modicon Quantum PLC, Sensors, dedicated software... * Injection press optimisation through hydraulic clear mode solution: Altivar 61, Pressure...
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