a comprehensive business proposal

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D1- Present a comprehensive business proposal that addresses all relevant aspects of business start-up.

Business Proposal

Your name: Monika Kotarska

Company name: Monika’s Accounting Services

Business description
My business will be providing book-keeping and accounting services. It will be a new business that I will start from scratch. I am planning to have a little office where I can meet my customers. Services I will provide include tax accounting, management accounting and general accounting. My objectives are to expand the business with five years. This means having at least seven offices and three employees in each office. I will also be looking into providing book-keeping and accounting service to small businesses. Over some time I also want every office not to only provide accounting services but also giving help on how businesses can expand. My unique selling point will be treating my customers as friends not clients. I will want to give them a warm welcome so they will return to use my services. Personal details

I have carried out a skills analysis. I have gathered 12 skills that a leader should have and analysed them in details. I have shown the evidence that I have such skills and also how I can improve them. Furthermore I have rated my skills on a scale; no skill, poor, average, good and excellent. I have scored most good and excellent and a few average. But I have stated how I will improve these skills. My problem solving skills could possibly be improved as well because when handling my own business I will face a variety of problems to solve. Having this skill is important when running your own business because if you are efficient in solving problems then the business will bring larger profits. When solving any kind of problem it is always good to look at the issue form different perspectives, it might be wise to ask different people for their opinion. My adaptability skills need improving as sometime it is hard for me to adapt to a new environment. I do however adapt over time, but it takes me a little longer. It is important that I improve my adaptability before I open my business as adaptability gives confidence which is very important when begin an owner of a business. I must also consider training for employees that do not possess the required skills or ones that need improving. Physical resources

I will need an office before I start my business. It will need to big enough to fit two desks, reception desk, waiting area, toilet and a small storage area. After I find my office I would need to think about getting things such as desks, chairs, computers or laptops, filing cabinets to keep records of my clients. After this I will to think about simple things like stationary and decorations e.g. flowers, paintings.

Legal Considerations
Any transaction that goes through the business must recorded by law. Not only is it required by the government it also helps to keep track of your finances. There are certain ways in which financial records are documented. Through a cash book, sales and purchase ledgers, petty/wages cash book and accident records. VAT must be added if a business sells good for more than £68,000 a year. The VAT that is added onto the net price, of a product or service, is then paid to HM Revenue & Customs. If I am going to employ staff I need to be aware of the National Minimum Wage. As for now it looks like this;

The trading standards ensure that customers are protected from fraud traders and businesses. When I will start a new business I should get familiar with the trading standards and the legal aspects of it. I must know what is legal and what is not. I should also be careful that my suppliers do not break any of trading standards. Legislation does not allow employers to discriminate their employees by their: gender

sexual orientation
marital status
skin colour
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