A Compartive Analysis of Love Suicide at Amijima
Topics: Marriage, Love / Pages: 2 (365 words) / Published: Mar 4th, 2013

A Comparative Analysis of Love Suicide at Amijima and Oroonoko, the Royal Prince
Jessica Gaitor
Professor Ousman

The Love Suicides at Amijima is a dramatic and romantic story that shows a more complex look on love, whilst Oroonoko gives a classic take on a universal love story, that everyone can depend on, a love everlasting. Both of these stories are culturally diverse and dramatically entertain them. Looking at how each story encounters love, marriage and suicide will effectively compare the stories. Love in one story can mean hate in another. In the story, The Love Suicides at Amijima, the characters Jihei and Osan, are cousins who marry not for themselves but for their family. In the ancient Japanese culture presented to us through this story, arranged marriages are done in their society, to protect family assets and to ensure family honor. Love is based off the character’s role or job as husband and wife, rather than the romance of it. Osan and Jihei were affected immensely as a result however. They did as they were told, to please their family. The love in this story does not seem important. Osan loves Jihei because he is her husband and that is what society tells her to do. Her love is dictated by family love and is not reciprocated by Jihei, who falls in love with another woman. In Oroonoko, the Royal prince, the story is drastically different. Oroonoko is a prince warrior meets Imoinda by chance and passionately falls in love with her from the first moment he sees her. The two are incredible in love with one another and try to do everything in their power to be together. However the King, Oroonoko’s grandfather also wants Imoinda and tries to separate the two. When he can’t have her the grandfather sends her away into slavery, separating the two lovers cruelly. This story is so different from Love Suicides because it shows love in a more pure and romantic light. When Oroonoko can’t have Imoinda in his freedom as a prince, he marries her

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