A Comparison of the Australian Aborigines and the Na'Vi in "Avatar"

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: May 10, 2013
A Comparison of the Australian Aborigines and The Na’vi in Avatar. The widely acclaimed movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, is known as a movie that portrays the treatment of the Aboriginal peoples. It shows many similarities in circumstances and views of the Aboriginal peoples. However there are still some differences between these cultures. Each group of indigenous peoples have their own culture, lifestyles and beliefs. In Avatar the Na’vi believe that every living thing is connected while the aboriginals believed that if you took care of the land then the land would take care of you. Also the Na’vi worship Eywa, their goddess made up of all living things while the aboriginals worship the land. The Aboriginals are nomadic and rest that land while the Na’vi stay in the same place, HomeTree. In addition, both races had a little material needs but only had the necessities. Both groups have leaders; for example, in aboriginal tribes have a Female elder whereas the Na'vi have a spiritual leader called Mo’at. In general, their lifestyles, beliefs and culture are similar but each group has their own way of looking at life. They have a similar yet a completely different culture. At first the Aboriginals and Europeans were friendly but then things turned ugly. Captain Arthur Phillip gave orders to respect the Aboriginals but still took some prisoner. The Europeans brought with them from England diseases which killed off many Aboriginals but also brought gifts with them to give to the Aboriginals. Europeans started stealing from the Aboriginals and many in return to their treatment, Aboriginals, such as Pemulwuy of the Bidjigal clan, fought guerrilla wars against the Europeans. In addition the Europeans didn’t think of the Aboriginals as people because they didn’t have a “god”. In the eyes of a European the aboriginals didn’t have a proper system of law or a belief system. Therefore they were not people. In avatar the Na’vi are seen as savages and are as well not...
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