A Comparison of Idioms from the Short Stories, the Seventh Grade and the Melting Pot

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Comparison of idioms

I am going to compare today the idioms (idiom: is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words) in two stories which is The seventh grade and Melting pot. See how I am going to compare them by judging on how amusing it sounds which is going to make the reader interested and entertained by the story, the idioms help by making the reader think that it is actually a sentence that has been used be real people in the world. First I am going to talk about the idiom in the story seventh grade, the idiom that has been used in the story is "Bumb into" the meaning by this sentence is to unexpectedly meet someone or find something. Example:

I have so many friends in this town that whenever I go out I bump into someone I know. Did you know Kerry was back from her holiday? I just bumped into her in the street. This idiom has been used as an action and it is very simple to say and understand by my opinion.

Second I am going to talk about the other idiom in the Melting pot story, the idiom that has been used in the story is " baby slips out with the bathwater" the meaning by this sentence is to keep the valuable things when we get rid of the things we don't want. It is usually used in the negative to mean that we don't want to throw out the good stuff when we throw out the bad stuff. Example:

Two friends are talking about making changes to a personal website. A: I'm going to make some changes to my website soon.
B: Oh really? What kind of changes? You're still going to keep the old pages, aren't you? A: Yes, of course. The old pages will still be on the site. B: Oh, good. I don't want you to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This idiom is not commonly used or said and hard to figure out the meaning but still makes the reader interested by my opinion.

In the end I think the idiom in the story seventh grade is better and understandable.
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