A Comparison of Discipline Models

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A Comparison of Discipline Models
Compare and contrast Wong's pragmatic classroom; Kagan, Kyle, and Scott's win-win discipline; and Morrish's real discipline. Identify the respective strengths and weaknesses, and advantages and disadvantages, of each. Do you agree or disagree with each? Why? • Wong’s approach “pragmatic” where it is “built from practical ideas” pieced together from multiple sources (Charles, 2008, pg. 130). In this theory is clearly not like the rest, where they want classrooms to be same, leaving no room to adapt to the needs. Instead the theory is nothing like cookie cutters. • Encourages the idea that “discipline problems” will “largely disappear” when the classroom management is in check (Charles, 2008, pg. 30). • “Rules of behavior set limits” where they “create a work-oriented atmosphere” (Charles, 2008, pg. 133). The misbehaviors from students in the classrooms are simply lack of respect due to the lack of policy enforcement from day one of school. • Encourages a spirit of teamwork between the teacher and student where the end result is where “students manage themselves responsibly” (Charles, 2008, pg. 151). • Kagan has the strategy of a win-win strategy, because it teachers students from right and wrong. The theory has high expectations from the adults. “Has high expectations of adult authority, “and encourages them to make choices about behavior that are sufficiently mature and experienced to do” (Charles, 2008, pg. 227). • This also indicates that in order to have success in behavior skills, students need have support from their teachers. Without putting students and teachers at the same level instead creating a healthy authority; without separating both the teachers and students. •The weakness in this theory is that it requires an intense planning and delivery from the teachers to ensure that their policies and procedures are followed in order to be have the succeed with their goals.

• Kyle, and Scott's primary goal is to help...
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