A Comparison between the United States and Cuba

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USAJackie Ascencio
Professor Fahimi
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06 December 2012
USA vs. Cuba
Both of these countries couldn’t be more different in the how they provide their population with their basic need. When I say basic need I mean food, clothes, shelter, job, unemployment benefits, and etc. The US is a democratic country with a mixed economy and Cuba is an authoritarian country with a command economy. Yet both of these nations have one thing in common and that is that they each country believes they do the best job in providing the basic needs for their population

The US is a modern society and needs to have a modern definition of what a modern democracy is. The definition of a modern democracy is a form of government, where a constitution guarantees basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections, and independent courts of law (Marcus G. Jud, 2004). Most of the population has become accustom to this definition but they still want more help. That includes food stamps, unemployment, health insurance, public school, and etc. The problem now is that US politician have and want to cut more money out of the budget of many of these problem creating more problems for the working, low wage families that live in US.

Cuba is slowing advancing in this modern society and has been under the rule of Fidel Castro as either president or as prime minister from February of 1959 to February of 2008 and then his brother Raul Castro took over. Almost fifty years the Communist party of Cuba has been in control. The Cuban government is categorized as an Authoritarian system. That is defined as a government run by a small group of people and has no distinct state ideology and grants a small amount of freedom as long as those right doesn’t go against their laws and policies; the most important for an authoritarian system is to maintain power and personal enrichment on the cost of the country and of the population (Marcus G. Jud, 2004). Their economy has provided many social reforms to their population from free education free health care and has offered housing, utilities, food at a low price. The US is said to have a mixed economy define, as an economic system that allows for the simultaneous operation of publicly and privately owned enterprise. The American free enterprise emphasizes on private enterprise and as American we emphasize on this issue due to our American belief in personal freedom (Beggs, J. 2012). The reason for this is because we American have always have been afraid the idea of excessive government power. American have always been led to believe that because we have an economy based on private ownership it is more likely to operate efficiently than a government influenced economy. The reason why we believe this is all due to the concept of supply and demand. Since supply and demand determine the price of goods and services and the price then determined what to produce and how much to produce. But all this depends on what the consumer wants and needs and then all of this catches the attention of new and established companies. Creating an incentive for these companies to create or improve goods and services out in the market. But when the consumer demand decrease so does the prices and making most companies go out of business or start producing different goods and product. The United States is ranked number 10 in the Index of Economic freedom it has drop one place since last year due to the high government spending, increasing levels of corruption, and a decrease in investment freedom. While Cuba ranked 177th in the index of economic Freedom make its economy one of the least free although there was a slight increase since last year. There was a decrease in corruption to monetary freedom that was offset by a gain in fiscal freedom. Although the US economic foundation remains stronger the recent intervention from the Obama Administration have cut down on the limits of the government. The public spending on...

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