A Comparison Between Samsung and Nokia

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Thinking Broadly about Innovation
Samsung is well known for its technological
innovations, and Samsung Corning is no
exception. The company, a joint venture
between Samsung and Corning of the U.S.,
is a leader in core electronic materials and
manufactures differentiated products for fl at
panel displays.
We produce high-defi nition PDP fi lters, ITO
targets and ultra-slim CRT glass, and are
constantly developing next generation materials
and components. These state-of-the-art
products are only the most visible innovations.
Samsung Corning extends the art of innovation
to how we make products, resulting in greater
productivity and production that is faster and
more cost competitive.
There is great synergy here. By producing ultraslim
CRT glass that is 30% thinner, we are
offering customers a more attractive product
that is lighter, less bulky, stylish and space
effi cient. At the same time, Samsung Corning
can reduce raw material and packaging costs.
“Innovation previously was more about
technology,” says Lim Swee Ee. “Now, however,
the focus has shifted toward how fast it can
be developed. At Samsung Corning, we are
emphasizing a Six Sigma mindset to drive
productivity improvements. Also, we are shifting
from manufacturing-oriented to businessoriented

These innovations are driven by our employees.
For example, in our polishing process, an
expensive piece of equipment called a diamond
wheel is used. By applying creative ideas and
innovation to the process, Samsung Corning
was able to adjust its equipment specifi cations
to reduce diamond wheel usage by 25%.
Another example involved collecting unused
monitors and TV sets and recycling them, which
reduces material costs while decreasing waste
and protecting the environment. “Our process
area can be a source of many innovations if we
can think outside the box,” says Mr. Lim. This is
the mindset of all Samsung Corning employees.
“Innovation is driven by people,” he adds.
“Companies cannot innovate—people innovate.”
At Samsung, we try to instill this idea into all
of our employees, so they are not afraid to
try, even if they fail at fi rst. After all, “A great
innovation does not come easy; even the
famous Thomas Edison tried more than 2,000
experiments before he was able to light the
fi rst bulb.”
Ultra-slim CRT glass is less bulky and more stylish,
and requires less raw materials and packaging.
Products like this have made Samsung Corning the
leading force for technological innovation in the CRT
glass fi eld.
LIM SWEE EE, Senior Manager, Samsung Corning

Samsung Is Now What Sony Once Was


Published: March 10, 2005


OKYO, March 9 - In 1997, the
year Sir Howard Stringer joined the Sony
Japan's premium electronics company, it took little notice of the Samsung Electronics Company, a South Korean television maker fighting a life-or-death battle to survive the Asian currency crisis.

Less than a decade
later, Samsung now has twice the market capitalization of Sony, which this week named Sir Howard its chairman.

Nor is Samsung Sony's
only rival. Apple now dominates the market for portable music players. Silicon Valley companies have led the way in digital gadgets like hand-held personal organizers and digital video recorders. Sony is even facing strong competition from Kodak and Canon for digital

cameras, a product category it invented.

Samsung has become what
Sony could once claim - the competitor with both the breadth of products and the appeal of a premium brand.

This rapid reversal of
fortunes illustrates the highly competitive world of consumer electronics that Sir Howard, a media man, is entering. Complacency and coasting on best-selling products have contributed to a nearly 75 percent decline in Sony's stock value since its March 1, 2000, peak. The invincible "factory of ideas" founded almost six decades ago by Akio Morita, the...
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